Eliza Gilkyson, Dream Lover Lyrics

Dream Lover Lyrics

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Eliza Gilkyson - Dream Lover Lyrics

I lived on the streets down in new orleans
just to get away from my family
daddyís little dream I was only 16
but I took all misfortune would hand me
some john had a camera and an internet site
and the streets were getting crowded
I took the money, it was over by midnight
but I donít want to talk about it
I do my time in the eye of the lens
so some loser can launch his rocket
what do I care if they think theyíre my friends
when their money is in my pocket
you can call me a victim you can call it a sin
you can stand on your stump and shout it
but itís manís world that weíre livin in
and I donít want to talk about it
cause Iím your dream lover
your wish is my command
Iím your dream lover
better than a one night stand
dream lover
as close as the palm of your hand
Iíll do the things that your girlfriend wonít
and make you believe that I like it
I say do it when the others say donít
and wonít even try to fight it
I can make it seem itís not cruel or extreme
like I canít live a minute without it
daddyís little girl is a porno queen
but I donít want to talk about it
cause Iím your dream loverÖ.

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