Eliza Gilkyson, Midnight On Raton Lyrics

Midnight On Raton Lyrics

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Eliza Gilkyson - Midnight On Raton Lyrics

Sitting in a motel on the outskirts of Raton
How the years have flown
Since Townes passed through these hills alone
I got someone who loves me
But itís too late to phone
I wanna ride this road forever
And Iím dying to go home

Out there on the interstate the hurryiní of the cars
High above room 28 the swirling of the stars
And I draw the vinyl curtains like a veil across my skin
I turn the bedside lamp down
And I let my shadows in

Cause I feel so full and so empty handed
In a world so cruel I donít think I understand it
Are we still the fools
Who donít know right from wrong
Here at midnight on Raton?

I find a crumpled napkin and I fumble for a pen
Chase a fleeting moment like it was my long lost friend
And I curl up Ďneath the blankets and dream until the dawn
But come morning Iíll be through these hills and gone
Come morning Iíll be through these hills and gone

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