Carly Goodwin, Beautiful Way Lyrics

Beautiful Way Lyrics

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Carly Goodwin - Beautiful Way Lyrics

You walk through life
On a natural high
You throw your dreams in the air
On the chance that one might fly
And I don't know how
But you keep me young
And if I had to choose one friend you'd always be the one

You've got a beautiful way
Of seeing the sun through the rain
(You've got a beautiful way)
Of bringing a smile to my face
(You've got a beautiful way)
About you

You show the world
A wide open heart
You're in love with being alive
And that's what sets you apart
I laugh when you laugh
You cry when I cry
I feel like a star on the stage in the spotlight of your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

About you

You see each day as one more chance
To wrap your arms around the world
And dance

(Repeat Chorus)

You've got a beautiful way
You've got a beautiful way
You've got a beautiful way
You've got a beautiful way

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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