Jason Greeley, Gotta Get a Life Lyrics

Gotta Get a Life Lyrics

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Jason Greeley - Gotta Get a Life Lyrics

Always in a hurry
Tryin' to do a million things at once
Pleasing everybody is easier said than done
Steering with my knees drinking coffee
Making calls on a cell phone
Didnít see the red light or the eighteen wheeler on a b-line
Never say Hi I'm coming thank god I turned the wheel in time
I was shaking so badly I pulled the car off of the road
As I stood there feeling numb, I looked at who Iíve become


Iíve been living in the fast lane hopping on a jet plane
Looking for the next thing smoking
Caught up in a rat race running in the same place
Never knowing where Iím going
I Gotta get a life

Worry less about working little soul searching
Look at whatís wrong and fix it
While thereís still time I donít have a dead line
And now I know the clock is ticking
Before I die gotta get a life

Wanna love a woman in a way sheís never felt before
Wanna give it all I got then give a little more
Wanna know a secret someone can trust me to keep
Wanna go to vegas gamble like Iíve got it to lose

Disappear to Cabo get a little white sand in my shoes
Climb a rock in Colorado without missing a beat
Iíve gotten use to getting by now I wanna be alive


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