Adam Gregory, She's So California Lyrics

She's So California Lyrics

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Adam Gregory - She's So California Lyrics

Bleach blonde hair and no tan lines at least
That's what I dream at night star dust eyes
That shine pacific blue from her toes to her
Halo she's been blessed with a body

You would have to buy out west she walks
And talks a different attitude her smile
Is so much brighter than this stupid place
You can almost here Hollywood calling her name
She's so California she should have a star

On Hollywood blvd. drive around in a Lamborghini sports car
Summer sun clear yeah she's sexy she's so sunset
Strip teases me here right there on the front porch swing
I swear I hear the beach boys sing peach street sign
Just like Rodeyo drive tight tank top and low rise jeans
Now I know what earthquake means
She really makes this small town come alive
When she walks into church in her summer dress
Oh even the preacher has to confess

She's so California she should have a star on Hollywood blvd.
Drive around in a Lamborghini sports car
Whisper words callin' the menace copper tone medal
Hillbilly baby walkin' sweet talkin' angel in Memphis

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