Wayne Hancock, Johnny Law Lyrics

Johnny Law Lyrics

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Wayne Hancock - Johnny Law Lyrics

(Alright, whatever y'all say, a 1-2, 1-2-3-4)

Well I was cruisin' Texarkana in my Cadillac,
We were giggin' Louisiana and a comin' back,
It was startin' to get light and I was really gone,
I saw a flashin' in my mirror, he was movin' on,

Hey Johnny Law, why you pickin' on me,
Hey Johnny Law, drivin' off my misery,
You got the biggest attitude I ever saw,
I bet you's wishin' I was guilty Johnny Law

Standin' by my cruiser waitin' for your friends,
Or you sidle by later, maybe haul me in
You're pushin' me around just hopin' that I'll choke
And if you get your way I'll be locked up and broke

(repeat chorus)

(yeah, go git'em yeah)

Well you got everything all lit up for the world to see
But you ain't found nothing so you're settin' me free
You make your money puttin' fear at those oppressed
You ain't nuthin' but a bully with a star on your chest

(repeat chorus)

Yodal lay ee, yodal oh, yodal eh

[Thanks to Kris Tilford for lyrics]

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