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Gulls Lyrics

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Handsome Family - Gulls Lyrics

GullsGood Doctor Brian
He fell in love
With the purple seas
Of such rose and silk

But in what got drove
Away, away
Like the soaring ghost
All the white dove sees

One night he begged
Shed be his bride
But she said no
It cannot wait

Just like gulls
With their hungry tries
I love you less
Than the one got tied

Out he did grew
Oh such cruel words
And although this is
A shiny cell

He took a rock
And threw it high
And hawk a gull
From the wine dark sand

In twilet dust
In a blacky witch
The doctor burned
Warm wood and pitch
And with a fist
Will bring your dirt
Deep in the night
For that one girl heart

And then she came
With those rosy sleeves
To touch his hands
With such a wilder kiss

His black top hat
To the breeze it went
And his flapping arms
Grew feather plan

His face is stretched
To a sharpened way
And now hes strange
To feel the wild dark wind
But all he found
And thought to find
Those rosy sleeves
Held them oh so tight

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