Handsome Family, Wildebeest Lyrics

Wildebeest Lyrics

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Handsome Family - Wildebeest Lyrics

When Steven Foster died
In thought this on the bury
His wone and wallward hill
Just a corner in the den

But the crocodile’s back to eat
The crocodile’s back to eat

He smashed his head on the sink
In the bitter fever of gin
The wildebeest go crazy with thirst
Pull down as he try to drink

But deep down in the smallest street
Even crocodiles dream their dreams

And as the heard galloped off
He may all night fall past 4
Singing Beautiful Dreamer
As the lions begin to roar

But we all have our beautiful dreams
Waiting for us like wildebeests

And when we wait at the river
To cross to that gleaming shore
The river show he’s next to feed
As the feed thunders across

But the river has oceans to feed
She has beautiful ocean to feed

And the oceans, they feed the sky
And the sky feeds the earth
And Steven Foster’s beautiful ghost
Laid down to feed us all

To feed took vows the songs
Echoing cross the wild plains

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