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Broken Lyrics

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Hat On, Drinking Wine - Broken Lyrics

Ed Whalen

So maybe now itís over and the wind it just aint right
And when youíre living quietly youíll catch moments deep at night
From those things that seemed so far away to the days that didnít disappear
You were caught somewhere in between I donít think you cared
Cause you were broken

So I guess this race is over, i guess youíve sailed away
When youíre stripped of the day the night takes hold of you that way
And says goodbye to the dreams, you painted perfectly
Weíre left to figure out that canvas that only you could see
That was broken

I try to remember, the film of your life
But the colors -are fading away
And blending into, another day
that will keep me waiting
So ill walk out and try to find a piece of you
Damaged, alone
And broken

Itís hard to stand against the wind, when it blows right through your memories
Comes crashing into those left behind as wasted little things
Moments and yesterdays flying through the air
leaving us with nothing, but things that wonít disappear
that are broken

Gone are the days when you were young
And tender to the touch as an early summer sun
But the look that was in your eye was cold as the snow
It was only then that I truly did know

How many roads you went down
Before you found a way to break that silly crown
But the angel sent was like none before
Silently leading you to an unfamiliar door
That wasnít broken

[Thanks to Ed for lyrics]

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