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Last Letter Lyrics

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Hat On, Drinking Wine - Last Letter Lyrics

Ed Whalen/Matt Robert

Wish I had something to hang onto
when I feel Iím grasping at the air
she said itís not the things you miss most
they're the things you thought you had that were never really there

so write me a note saying you know that Iím here
save me a moment so I wonít disappear tonight
Ill fold it away in a pocket so I know Iím not alone
it helps me make it through the daylight

And I take the summer air cause it reminds me of you
and leave behind my winters and list of things to do
Iíll walk out and try to find that last bit of blue
that I once had in a letter from you.

Iíve waited Ďtil the end of Wednesday
Saved things that shouldíveí died
Flown into cities that never stood a chance
Of being loved in your eyes

So come on back to Boston
Come on back where we belong
Come on and dance with me down on the avenue
Come on and sing me one more song

Iím sick of the waiting
Iím so sick of you
Iím sick of all this freedom and life in this zoo
And maybe when the rain is emptied and through
Iíll find that lastÖ..

Flying through darkness, star lights and tail lights
everything is beautiful tonight
flying home from you, thoughts winding in and out
like a red-blurred photograph you took before the fading

I couldíve been perfect
I couldíve been you
I couldíve been somebodyís somebody new
Just like you

Sad eyes captured of you
Long before the goodbyes stood so still
There was me and there was you

[Thanks to Ed for lyrics]

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