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Fred Freud Lyrics

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Lee Hazlewood - Fred Freud Lyrics

Hello young fella my name is Fred Freud
I hear you suffer neurotic afflictions,
you act like a boy but you're really a man
could your mama have caused these conditions?
No kisses are poses can cure your neurosis or set a new time on your clock,
have a few drinks tonight
go start a fight you just need a shot
of some Bach!

Hello young lady my name is Fred Freud
I hear you suffer from neurvous connipcions,
I come in your life to brighten your days
to write you a sterling prescription.
Your mind is all boozy
constricted and boozy
the pounding you hear is your own heart!
Go buy a red sweater the more you feel beter
you just need a shot of Mozart!

Hello young crazy my name is Fred Freud
you say you suffer a serial syndrome,
but only kills snakes that nests in your mind
that look like your father and ...
Lady you know in the black down below
goes by the name of Miss Pinsky,
thinks she's queen of the block
but she only play rock
what you need is a shot of Stravinsky!

Hey that ain't Stravinsky!

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