Brenn Hill, Jeremiah's Last Ride Lyrics

Jeremiah's Last Ride Lyrics

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Brenn Hill - Jeremiah's Last Ride Lyrics

Jeremiah rode a buckin' horse
It was an unchained natural force
They took a free, unguided course
And the rest was history

When all the girls in rodeo town
Heard that he had fallen down
You could almost hear the sound
Of them fallin' to their knees
The way night falls through the trees

There was a full moon shinin' bright
Down at the old fairground one night
Breakin' out of chute #1 was that old gray line-back dun
The only bronc that Jeremiah never won

You couldn't hear a single breath
Eight seconds was all he had left
The one that threw him to his death
Saw the crowd one more time

And I was only nine years old
Still I shivered in that cold
For I knew that he had sold his soul
And left the rest of us behind
Like beggars in the welfare line

Then they turned out all the lights
Down at the old fairground that night
The gate shut like the bullet of a gun
On that old gray line-back dun
The only bronc that Jeremiah never won

There were tears of joy and pain
They'd never see that bronc again
They'd never see the boy he killed
Though I believe he's ridin' still

And where that old gray dun is now
Nobody ever talks about
But I think about him when they turn me out
And my spurs sink in again
When I ride I ride for him

When there's a full moon shinin' bright
And it hits the old fairground just right
Breakin' out of chute #1
It's Jeremiah and that old gray dun
The only bronc he never won

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