Will Hoge, Woman Be Strong Lyrics

Woman Be Strong Lyrics

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Will Hoge - Woman Be Strong Lyrics

I didn't mean to make this hard on you
I'm sorry that I brought you down
But don't you know I get a little lost sometimes
Cause all these people hanging around
And I know sometimes I feel like giving in
But honey could you please hold on a little bit

Oh woman be strong
Woman, Woman won't you be strong now

I'm sorry that I, I always made you cry
I wish I hadn't cracked the wall
And everytime I stop to think of you
I wish I'd been man enough to call
Yes, I know it's hard sometimes
Putting up with these old wicked ways of mine

Oh woman, be strong
Woman, be strong
Oh, woman won't you be strong now

It would be better if you would just walk away
But honey don't you know that I
I want you
I need you
to stay, stay, stay, stay
Baby won't you stay

Woman won't you be strong
Woman won't you be strong
Woman won't you please be strong
be strong... (repeat)

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