Rebecca Lynn Howard, Better Someday Lyrics

Better Someday Lyrics

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Rebecca Lynn Howard - Better Someday Lyrics

I am just a lost soul
Wandering to and fro
Searching for direction
For where I'm going
There's no need to talk about
What I haven't figured out
But you'll be the first to know
When I'm knowing myself
Thanks but I don't need any help
My friend I'll keep wandering

I don't mind getting caught out in the rain
It's good sometimes to feel a little pain
Keeps your soul humble and you appreciate
Holding to the hope of a better someday

Thankful that I am strong
Knowing this can't go on
Forever is the only thing, that keeps me breathing
So I will continue to wake up with the attitude
If they don't believe in me
I'll just believe in myself
Won't let my life be put on some shelf
Oh and times may be low
But I've got somewhere to go, somewhere to go


I don't mind, getting caught out in the rain (in the rain)
I ain't gonna melt, baby
Ain't gonna melt away


I am just a lost soul
Wandering to and fro
Ooo better someday

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