Casey Hubble, Cheap Guitars Lyrics

Cheap Guitars Lyrics

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Casey Hubble - Cheap Guitars Lyrics

Dark-haired kid sittin’ on the corner of Lonely Street and Thunderhead
Someday he’s gonna be Elvis Shoot the tube with a Gyrojet He’s at a crossroads now folks Occupation a gun or a song
A rosewood string-box running through a Peavey or an M-16 so far from home

I second guess that choice I made there
All I hear are screams and lies
When I get out of that caravan man I’ll run for cover Run all night

All I see are lights around me
Curious lookin’ things they are
Wish I knew which God liked better
Rapid gunfire or cheap guitars

Haven’t seen my woman in a month of Sundays
I wonder how she’s holdin’ up
Every time that I think to call her I lose my quarter to a royal flush
But she’s got a new love cookin’
I’m sure the case that is
If I get home I’m gonna mean business
Show that girl that I ain’t no kid


This marchin’ drum sounds like gunfight
Angels fast-strum mandolin
If it boils down to a folded flag casket call the bagpipe player before my next of kin


[Thanks to Daniel for lyrics]

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