Casey Hubble, Silver City Lyrics

Silver City Lyrics

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Casey Hubble - Silver City Lyrics

Dallas my head’s feelin’ lonesome
Is it the pills or your empty downtown streets?
Guess I’ll sit outside
Silver City with no headlights
Wait for the girl who says she’s in love with me

Now I’m only business baby
But your brown eyes are honest as mine are blue
Under my coat it gets sweeter than honey
With a snub .38 and a string full of money
I wanna be a highway junkie with you

There ain’t nothin’ in this big ole world like the feelin’
Of a tank full of gas and a cheap amphetamine
You and I were born interstate drifters
Radiator hearted and a soul with a shifter
Pray that this feelin’ don’t end soon
Between the highway and the moon

I was born with a small town sense of humor
I chased around with a weary sorta’ way
I curse the night I started playing for money
The cop in my rearview’s got my 20
This asphalt’s all that’s kept my head on straight

I don’t remember the moment that it happened
But somehow gasoline got in my veins
I’m saying goodnight to Silver City
With a bullet for the dogs who call me “Kitty”
I want to be a highway junkie with you

(Chorus 2x)

[Thanks to Daniel for lyrics]

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