Donna Hughes, Saying Hello Lyrics

Saying Hello Lyrics

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Donna Hughes - Saying Hello Lyrics

Verse 1 The misty fog stretched across the highway
The gentle breeze circling the leaves
That pretty cloud, shaped just like a heart
Thatís Daddy saying hello to me

Verse 2 That time I saw, a bright shooting star
The colored butterflies that glide along the road
A nickel on the ground, made the year I left for college
Reminding me heís waiting for me to come home

Chorus Heís all around me now
Heís up there smiling down
He isnít hurting now
Iím gonna make him proud
Four leaf clover in the spring
Red bird on a snowy tree
In my heart I do believe
Itís really Daddy...... saying hello to me

Verse 3 The silver rain that danced across my windshield
The crazy bird laughing loudly in the tree
His favorite song playing on the radio
Could that be Daddy saying hello to me

Bridge 1 The wind is moving my porch swing today
He must be looking at the tears on my face
His favorite team is playing baseball on TV
I miss my Daddy
Saying hello to me

Bridge 2 The leaves are dancing on the sidewalk today
He must be telling me itís gonna be ok
I saw a little boy with blue eyes smiling
Just like Daddy................
How I miss my Daddy....................
Saying Hello to me

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