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With You Lyrics

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Donna Hughes - With You Lyrics

I wanna be with you, when the day is done
I wanna be with you, when the flowers come
I wanna be with you, when the leaves turn brown
I wanna be with you, when the sun goes down
When the sun goes down
I wanna ride with you, in the summer wind
I wanna hold your hand, and be your friend
I wanna run with you, in the August rain,
And make you laugh, and make you stay
Will you stay?

Chorus: So sad but true,
There's no time to lose
Forever just aint long enough for me, to be with you

I want a warm embrace, in the winter snow
I want a morning kiss, before you go
I wanna sit with you, on a mountainside
And walk with you by the ocean, late at night,
Late at night
I wanna dream with you, when the moon is high
And when you're away, I wanna be on your mind
I wanna be with you, when thunder falls
And hold you close, 'til the rain is gone
'til the rain is gone


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