Jack Ingram, Beyond My Means Lyrics

Beyond My Means Lyrics

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Jack Ingram - Beyond My Means Lyrics

Liviní beyond my means, donít know how Iím gonna get by
Liviní beyond my means, donít ya know a manís got to try
Donít know how it started, all I know is itís got to end
Iíve got a noose around my neck and I donít know why

I followed you to Detroit City then down to New Orleans
Trail after trail with nothing but a bottle of too old gin
Donít know where you lead me all I know is Iíve got to go
Gotta find you babe, before Iím too old

Liviní beyond my means
With all these loving you things
Donít know how Iíll get by
Lord help me try

Do you remember that night in Dallas when you stole my heart
I didnít put up a fight just to find me one more start
Now itís taken me out of my home and put me out on the street
This loving you thing has got me beat

I called your name in Boston where I thought that you might be
On my way back to Texas I took a long look down in Tennessee
This wild turkey chase, well itís got the best of me
I guess itís bets to quit when youíre behind

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