Jack Ingram, Things Get Cloudy Lyrics

Things Get Cloudy Lyrics

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Jack Ingram - Things Get Cloudy Lyrics

Sitting up late ate night in bed and I think of you
All alone, wide awake, I donít know what to do
So I reach for the phone and
Thereís your voice coming my way
Once again Iím all choked, I donít know what to say

Wanna tell you I love you, wanna tell you I care
Wanna tell you baby Iím right here
Wanna tell you Iím crying, wanna tell you Iím smiling
Wanna tell you everything I feel

But you donít come around me no more
Why donít you come knockiní down my door no more
You donít look at me on the street
You donít smile when you pass by
If you donít turn around soon
Youíre gonna make this big man cry

I know that things get cloudy when the sun goes down
And I know that cities wash away with the rain
And I know that you and I are not the ones to say goodbye
I know, no I think, no I think I know, tomorrowís another day

Iím sittiní on my soul writing a tale of love gone bad
But all I can think of are times when
You make me happy, you make me glad
I want to wake up, turn around and walk
Turn around and walk out clean

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