Isaacs, It Is Well Lyrics

It Is Well Lyrics

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Isaacs - It Is Well Lyrics

(Elisha's Song)

There lived a man and a woman,
In a town called Shunem,
They made a home for Elisha,
And found favour in his eyes,
So GOD sent them a miricale,
The only thing they longed for,
Within a year they would hold a son,
As Elisha prophesied,
One day they ran from the feild,
Brought the child to his mother,
She held his head there on her knees,
Until he died at noon that day,
She didn't tell anyone,
She ran straight to the man of GOD,
And if anybody asked her,
She replied along the way.

It is well, it is well,
There is peace in my dispeare,
Knowing GOD will hear my prayer,
And I will cling,
To the promise that he brings,
Even death will have no sting,
No power in hell,
In his presence i will dwell,
In his presence i will dwell,
Where it is well(it is well),
It is well (it is well).

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