Jason Isbell, Daisy Mae Lyrics

Daisy Mae Lyrics

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Jason Isbell - Daisy Mae Lyrics

Lay down beside me
close your eyes and feel the noonday sun.
These eyes, they remind me
of a scared and simple doe before she runs.

John was a Baptist.
He feared the world could end at any time.
You and I are charged with this, to hold the essence of a kiss.
To take these broken plans and make them rhyme.

Daisy Mae, Daisy Mae this hasn't been your day.
Hasn?t been your day.

Here, he never touched you.
Inside this house he never called your name.
So stay where I can see you, girl. We both know the outside world
has changed and it will never be the same.

My hands, they are wicked.
My head and my heart are wicked, too.
All these things that I do wrong, If you weren't given fear so strong
I would not be good enough for you.

Daisy Mae, Daisy Mae, this hasn't been your day.

But I won't lay this pistol down
until the sky falls to the ground.
Leave him there to call your name
'till man and land are both the same.

Daisy Mae, Daisy Mae, this hasn't been your day.
Daisy Mae, Daisy Mae, this hasn?t been your day.
Hasn?t been your day.

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