Jason Isbell, We've Met Lyrics

We've Met Lyrics

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Jason Isbell - We've Met Lyrics

We've met,
I can tell you don't remember. I can see it in your face.
Should've never left this place.
We've met, before you we're a Christian, before your eyes were blue.
Did all that get you through?

And do you know long I've waited? Do you know how long I'll wait for you?

Dream big.
That's what you used to tell me before I went away.
Would you say the same today?
You knew that I couldn't work the foundry and I couldn't play the fool
and I couldn't stay with you.

And the drunks all think we've made it
And the girls all twist and shake it like they do.
All my playground fears have faded
replaced with grownup nightmares that come true.

We've met
This city was the country. That mountain was the sea.
Did I even look like me?
I bet this town is in your blood now, but it didn't have to be, no it didn't have to be.

We thought we'd find the answers in the troubadours and dancers
Brand new.
Do you think I've learned my lesson?
Did I make a new impression on you?

We've met,
I can tell you don't remember. I can see it in your face.
Should?ve never left this place.

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