Jason Young Band, Every Time I Close My Eyes Lyrics

Every Time I Close My Eyes Lyrics

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Jason Young Band - Every Time I Close My Eyes Lyrics

1st Verse
Just another day out on this road
Clapton comes on over the radio
Takes me back to a place in Time
A small town Love that felt so right
Lord Knows itís hard to do
Telling this heart that were through
A Love that young well you just donít know
Love like that is so hard to let go

Every time I close my eyes
Iím back in Oklahoma and youíre by my side
Iím back to the night we spent out on that Lake
The moon light walk we took on our first date
Where everything was right if only for a little while
Every time I close my eyes

2nd Verse
We laid on the hood of that Chevrolet
Watching the stars and the moon light fade
You looking at me I was looking at you
Thatís the moment I made my first move
You kept me on the edge just for a little while
My heart pounding girl you really drove me wild
Nights like that are engraved in my mind
I seem go there time after time
Repeat Chorus

[Thanks to Kerri Seaton for lyrics]

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