JB and Moonshine Band, Whiskey Days Lyrics

Whiskey Days Lyrics

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JB and Moonshine Band - Whiskey Days Lyrics

I got whisky drunk last night and wound up saying things that I never should have said
Lord I wish I could erase the fact that I woke up in someone elseís bed
If I had any sense at all I woulda never broke that whisky bottle seal
Cuz my liver and your heart both seem to always get the bad end of the deal

My whiskey drinking days are gone, I left the bottle on your door
You can keep that purple bag, cuz I donít need it anymore
Baby please just take me back, thatís all I ever used to say
But now Iím sayin my goodbyes to my whiskey drinkin days

Girl I hear you when youíre sayin that the bottle ainít the place to lay the blame
But itís hard to make decisions when you canít even remember your own name
I cant remember much of last night and itís been that way for damn near 15 years
Well I ainít sayin that Iíll quit drinkin Iím just trading in my whisky for some beers

My whiskey drinkin days are gone, no more Canadian no Scotch
If Iím pouring out my soul, its cuz my life is on the rocks
Baby please just take me back, just sounds a little too cliche'
So I Ďm sayin my goodbyes, to my whiskey drinking days

Baby please just take me back, Thatís all I really wanna say
Instead Iím sayin my goodbyes, to my whiskey drinking days.

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