Brandon Jenkins, After All This Time Lyrics

After All This Time Lyrics

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Brandon Jenkins - After All This Time Lyrics

After all this time, Iím still haunted by your memory
usually Iím fine, but sometimes it gets the best of me
I run into a friend, they ask me where youíve been
I just hear your name, and I still feel the pain

After all this time

Everywhere I go, Iím seeing things that keep reminding me
like an old country road, one of the places where we use to meet
I knew the day I met you, itíd be hard to forget you
now those days are gone, but Iím still holdin on

After all this time

Right around the block, thatís where we first made love
you swore weíd never stop, said we fit just like a glove
on the day you left, I called out your name
tried hard to forget you, but I still feel the same

After all this time

After all this time...

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