Jennings & Keller, Cover of Night Lyrics

Cover of Night Lyrics

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Jennings & Keller - Cover of Night Lyrics

No Moon in Sight, cover of night
Run toward the hills in the distance, keep out of sight

Warm desert sand under my soles
Books bound and sealed in leather under my robes

For they are searching even now through our homes
They would destroy these truths I bear
Invent their own

Jabal al Tarif, Mountain of Caves
There will the clay jars conceal them
Safely away

From those who would seek to silence his words
Driven by power and greed and the end of a sword

I must commit to memory the lessons learned
For Iíll not see his words again
A lifetimeís turn

How can the ways of peace
Be labeled heresy?
Such a tragedy
Will they ever see? I donít know

The stars know my path and my purpose
Keep me a-right
Will they guide the eyes of tomorrow
Back to this site?

To gaze once again on wisdom arcane
And share with all of the world these jewels in the sand

May futureís pilgrim bring light from the caves
And free from sorrow and shadow a world enslaved

No moon in sight, cover of night

[Thanks to Laurie Jennings Oudin for lyrics]

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