Jennings & Keller, Susan's House Lyrics

Susan's House Lyrics

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Jennings & Keller - Susan's House Lyrics

If you donít mind the tolls
You can take turnpike north
Straight to 75

Pines Boulevard
Is not very far
Head East for 3 or 4 miles

Turn onto Flamingo
Pembroke Park on your right
Your heart starts to race
As you quicken your pace
Youíre going to Susanís tonight

You turn down the lane
Where the trees overhang
And geese waddle about

The kids are at play
On this crystal blue day
Softballís drawing a crowd

You turn into the driveway
And as you run through her yard
Rockyís bark makes you laugh
You stop on his behalf
To heed this pint-sized guard

Your senses are filled
From sight, touch and smell
As you move through her home

Thereís incense and beads,
Brocaded lamps greet
Candles flicker and glow

The song from one hundred wind chimes
Serenades on the breeze
You smile at the prints
Of vegetable gents
As Susan finds poems to read

The fullness of life can be found inside
The walls of Susanís House

Thereís Dave on the wall
Next to Joni and Dar
You pay respects as you go

Although itís now late
The Oz shrine awaits
Praise Dorothy and the Scarecrow

Hugs and gifts at the doorway
Rocky bounces about
Lifeís harmony is no mystery
While youíre at Susanís house
Lifeís harmony is no mystery
While youíre at Susanís house

[Thanks to Laurie Jennings Oudin for lyrics]

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