Waylon Jennings, Living Legends Part 2 Lyrics

Living Legends Part 2 Lyrics

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Waylon Jennings - Living Legends Part 2 Lyrics

Well the latest news from Nashville
Ainít all good, but it ainít bad
The worst I ever found there
Was the best I ever had
The new hats and the no hats
Are still coming on pretty strong
While me and Kris and John and Willie
Are stilling plodding right along

Clint Blackís moved out to Hollywierd
Heís in love and thatís a fact
Done found himself a movie star
Gonna show him how to act
Garth Brooks keeps selling millions
No that sure ainít no joke
But I just canít help looking for
A pig down in the poke

Have you seen Tanya Tucker
Hanginí in there, hanginí tough
Her and Dolly Pardon
Still got much more than enough
But a few new country ladies
That Iíve seen go danciní past
Should forget about Madonna
She ainít got no country class

Travis Trittís got all the talent
Least it seems that way to me
Heís a little brash and cocky
But heís got a right to be
Now Billy Ray keeps right on danciní
Outta tune and outta time
He drives Bubbas up the wall
And girls out of their minds

Liviní legends are a dying breed
There ainít too many left
To tell the truth, I ainít been feeliní
Real hot lately my damn self
But I ainít old and I ainít bitter
I ainít mad at anyone
So donít go takiní seriously
Whatís poked at you in fun

But if youíve ever been to Nashville
I think you might agree
Weíve seen a lot of changes
Things we never thought weíd see
A rock-n-roller with a banjo
Now that I might recall
But a country singer with a brief case
Beats all I ever saw

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