Silver Jews Lyrics
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Silver Jews Lyrics

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Silver Jews Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea [2008]

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Jews Silver
"Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea" [2008]

  1. What Is Not But Could Be If
  2. Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer
  3. Suffering Jukebox
  4. My Pillow Is The Threshold
  5. Strange Victory, Strange Defeat
  6. Open Field
  7. San Francisco B.C.
  8. Candy Jail
  9. Party Barge
  10. We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing

Album Lyrics: Tanglewood Numbers [2005]

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Jews Silver
"Tanglewood Numbers" [2005]

  1. Punks In The Beerlight
  2. Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed
  3. K-Hole
  4. Animal Shapes
  5. I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You
  6. How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down
  7. The Poor, The Fair and The Good
  8. Sleeping Is The Only Love
  9. The Farmer's Hotel
  10. There Is A Place
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