John David Velarde, Billy Divine Lyrics

Billy Divine Lyrics

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John David Velarde - Billy Divine Lyrics

Have you ever been riding on a south bound freight,
On the legendary So-Ho Line?
Ten minutes is all you get, you’ve got to make your run,
And get back in plenty of time.
When the clickety clack of the flatbed wheels
Go rolling past the sliding doors,
You’re all laid out on a bed of straw,
And the whole world by passes you by.

Now think it over. Ain’t it good to be alive?
I said think it over.
It’s so good!
Don’t you feel just like Billy Divine?

Now Billy Divine was a self make tramp,
I met in Denver’s county jail.
He taught me everything I know about hitching a ride,
About bumming and riding the rails.
He’d start his story and lay it down fast
Like a freight train right on time.
He’d say, “You’ve go to get it right the very first time,
‘cause everything I say’s a lie!”

Have you ever pulled into a stranger’s town,
On a train leaving right on time?
Ten minutes is all you get to make you plans,
And remember to stay in line.
Well, you leave your old lady, head across the tracks,
While thinking up a clever line,
To use on the people you meet to get the coin you need,
To get your bottle of wine.

[Thanks to John David Velarde for lyrics]

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