Cody Johnson, It's Amazing Lyrics

It's Amazing Lyrics

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Cody Johnson - It's Amazing Lyrics

i woke up this mornin with a feelin in my head
id been out all night drinkin i was feelin about half past dead
and i rolled over and i saw your eyes i didnt feel as bad as i thought
its amazing, its amazing what you do for me

i know i dont always do things right theres plenty of places i lack
i leave the shower curtain pulled back and my dirty dishes on the rack
lord you you stare at me in disgust but you look so cute that i laugh
its amazing, its amazing what you do for me

and its amazing when you speak my knees get weak
and its amazing when you cry its my comfort that you seek
and its amazing when im down it doesnt matter...what you say to me
you bring me up again lord its amazin, what you do for me

you come home from work and you had a bad day and you say you hate the world
its times like these all i wanna do is wrap my arms around you girl
all my cares go out the window, all i can think about is you
its amazing, its amazing what you do for me


what you do for me, girl its amazin

[Thanks to Sam for lyrics]

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