Josh Grider Band, Here With Me Lyrics

Here With Me Lyrics

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Josh Grider Band - Here With Me Lyrics

San Francisco streets underneath my feet
I walk market from downtown down to south beach
and i gotta key in my pocket to a room at the palace hotel
a room with a view and all i can see is im lonley as hell

sure is cold in San francisco
wind comin hard in off the bay
I got nothin 'gainst San Francisco I just hate that your not here with me

its a sweet road ride and a hard road home
i cant belive the things i get to see and where i go
the folks out here get the best of me
baby you deserve much more than whats left of me

and its cold in Kansas city
snow blowin in off the plains
i aint runnin down kansas city
i just hate it when your not here with me

sometimes it seems this journey wont end
i get home and before we know it im gone again
but im savin all my love for you
your still my favroite thing to come home to

sure is cold tonight in Memphis
wind blowin down the Mississippi
i belive i could fall in love with memphis but not if your not here with me
baby i hate it when your not here with me

San Francisco streets to Memphis,tennesse
come with me

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