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Josh Grider Band - Mama Lyrics

Mama, sing me a lullaby
Help me dry the tears from my eyes
for 7 years shes been gone
7 years ive been alone
7 years since the day my one went away
So mama, sing me a lullaby

how do you mend a long broken heart?
a woman left and tore mine all apart
forget her i cant i tried
if i told you i did i lied
her memeries tatooed on my brain
Ive tried to fight the pain
so, mama sing me a lullaby

lullaby, and good night
im gonna miss you in the morning
come the dawns early light
you were gone long gone without a warning
come the dawn no matter how sweet the song
baby youre still gone

mama sing me a lullaby
youre the only thing left that i know to try
ive been drunk and sober and drunk again
im trying to fight a fight that i cant win
walked a thousand miles tried a million gears
to lay forth like rain
so mama sing me a lullaby

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