Lucy Kaplansky, Gone Gone Gone Lyrics

Gone Gone Gone Lyrics

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Lucy Kaplansky - Gone Gone Gone Lyrics

So Iím running to you, youíre on the way back from down the fabulous premiere
The Shebelle, just old black clothes
Newly colored fake black hair
You look me over like maybe I might be okay every now and then
Man you tell me bout that groovy down town
I just did your fame and its new best friend
Heís getting 10 signed originals, none writing your environmental fund

I used to fall for it all
Now Iím gone gone gone

Youíve got a book tour, and thereís a bidding war for your latest screenplay rights
Your subs are here and the leaf workís gonna land you a feature in the Times
You throw out the book youíre reading
Something about empathy
You say your heart is all so very open
Now we can love so completely
And your kids the most multi-dimensional child his teachers ever known

I used to fall for it all
Now Iím gone gone gone

Of course your knowledge is perfection
But you miss bound on the side
Cause youíre entitled to some extracurricular fun at night
Your love, it punctuates his words with his fists on the walls beside your head
He needs to express his feelings, thatís what you said he said
And you believed that

You used to run pretty good con with young terrible types than me
I watched you lie to everyone but youíd never lie to me
Cause I knew I was all the things you said, more special than anyone
Until someone more useful to me came along and you and I were done
And now youíre on the prowl for something new, naive, sweet and dumb

I used to fall for it all
Now Iím gone gone gone

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