Lucy Kaplansky, The Beauty Way Lyrics

The Beauty Way Lyrics

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Lucy Kaplansky - The Beauty Way Lyrics

My father made a pretty damn good living
Playing music on the beauty way
Heís gonna die with some money in his pocket
Wish I could do the same today, little darling
Wish I could do the same today

The white kid and a little transistor, tuned into Wolfman Jack
I picked up a guitar, the sirens whisper
And Iíll never look back with longing
And Iíll never look back

I worked the clubs along the same red crystals
Polished a diamond in the rough
By the time I hit LA I was hotter than a pistol
But you never had enough, little darling
You never really had enough

I felt the lights on the big big stages
Fire burning my soul
I bet those nights when my guitar rages
But itís not something you control little darling
Itís not something you control

Red pale diving for a ride home sunset
Probably what you could do with trash
I wish I was lying like a cat in the sun instead of working like a dog for the cash, little darling
Iím only working for the cash

Sometimes I wish I could unplug this cord
And my soul, lot of money I could save
Every time I say hello, I quit the beauty way
I turn my bones from the narrow grave, little darling
Bones turned in their grave

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