Robert Earl Keen, Fallin' Out Lyrics

Fallin' Out Lyrics

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Robert Earl Keen - Fallin' Out Lyrics

I drove all night to be here
I only stopped for gas
Saw the sun come up this morning as I came across the pass
Iím tired and wired and uninspired and broke in many ways
Iím hoping you wonít mind if I stay a couple days
I called about a week ago to let you know the score
But I didnít leave a message Ďcause I wasnít really sure
Youíd even want to see me after all I put you through
But I really couldnít help myself
Feeliní how I do

My nights are long and lonely roads
My days are just the same
And every single song I write is crying out your name
If Iíve slept a wink at all I canít remember when
ĎCause falliní out of love ainít half as good as falliní in

Iíll sleep out on the sofa
I wonít take up much room
Leave my stuff out in the car
ĎCause Iíll be goiní soon
Somewhere down the line Iíll write you letters now and then
I know that you wonít read a word but I can still pretend

(Repeat Chorus)

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