Toby Keith, Creole Woman Lyrics

Creole Woman Lyrics

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Toby Keith - Creole Woman Lyrics

Written by Toby Keith and Bobby Pinson

I stopped in Thibodeaux, Roadhouse in Louisian'
I wasnít stayiní long, I was a wanted man
The air was thick with danger, I watched the vixens dance
My six gun in my pocket, my pistol in my pants

I let her walk up on me, she pinned me to the door
She said she swore she knew me, weíd never met before
She pressed up hard against me, I stared into her eyes
She grabbed my face and kissed me, she had me hypnotized

Iím runniní down the road, canít find the Interstate
Itís like Iím being followed and I canít get away
The snakes and alligators, they whisper in the wind
I hear her calliní to me, I turn around again
Cry of a Creole woman
Woke up the devil down in me

She took me to her bedroom, smelled like a cheap hotel
Never had a Cajun queen, Iím used to southern belles
But through the smokey billows of my tobacco leaves
I watched her in the mirror as she was loviní me

Repeat chorus

Whatís this you wicked woman, some kind of voodoo game?
Hell I havenít slept since Thursday, donít even know your name
This spell you got me under, got just one remedy
Just like a poison potion, that goes down smooth and sweet

Repeat chorus

[Thanks to Lee for lyrics]

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