Josh Kelley, Baby Blue Eyes Lyrics

Baby Blue Eyes Lyrics

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Josh Kelley - Baby Blue Eyes Lyrics

She poses for the camera, she's my little cover girl
If you tell her she's a pretty bird, she flies around the world
Still gets nervous when I kiss her but that don't mean she's shy
Man you ought to see her when she gets that look in

Her baby blue eyes, her baby blue eyes
Oh, I love the man she makes me
Everyday that woman saves me with
Her baby blue eyes, her baby blue eyes
There's somethin bout, there's somethin bout
There's somethin bout her baby blue eyes

The first time that I met her, I couldn't say a word
She knew what I was thinking and I'm not sure how it worked
Cause I know I don't deserve her, I would never break her heart
I know it when she had me and she had me from the start with

repeat chorus

I used to think love was just a word
I never thought time would heal the hurt
And then you waltzed right in my life
An angel in disguise with baby blue eyes

repeat chorus

There's somethin bout, there's something bout
There's somethin bout her baby blue eyes

[Thanks to Kristina for lyrics]

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