Drew Kennedy, Livin' or Dyin' Lyrics

Livin' or Dyin' Lyrics

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Drew Kennedy - Livin' or Dyin' Lyrics

Growing up in Birmingham
middle of the state in Alabam
High on speed but short on plans
to get out of here
2 years in jail of my 18
in the slammer and acting mean
Convinced that I was going straight to hell

Got loose with a siren cry
snow was falling on the city lights
7 inches the first night
my hands as cold as stone
Hopped a train and turned my back
fell asleep with the clicking tracks
Iíd take a bullet or a heart attack
before I went back there
No time to catch my breath or say a prayer

I went in a lamb Iíll go out a lion
Walking a fine line between living and dying
I shot that man before he did me
They locked me up and they lost the key
And I donít think no one will be crying
If Iím living or dying

I hit Texas in a couple of days
Mexico was just a mile away
You cross the Rio and you know what they say
thereís no turning Ďround
Fell in with a Mexican gang
took the place of the man who was hanged
The Federalese shouldnít do that thing
but they killed him away
Home got a little further away


Iíve been here for 20 years
Liked the senoritas and Mexican beer
Bought a little farm and a couple of steer
and I worked the land
Running weed cross the border line
keeps the money flowing for me and mine
But the older I get the deeper the lines
running through my face
20 years been living without a trace


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