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Butterfly Lyrics

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Kimberly Ann Cook - Butterfly Lyrics

Verse Number One

I lie awake…… on moonlit nights
Feel your spirit fill the room
I hear your voice call out to me
And, sing that soft sweet tune

And even though I love you so
Nothing seems to ease the pain
Years go by, tears don't dry
Longing for your touch again

The Chorus

I know, I have to let go,
Fly away, Butterfly
Verse Number Two

You've shown your immortality,
Loyalty beyond the grave
You must have some new rendezvous,
And, other souls to save

Need to heal the loss of you
Find another's loving arms
Someone who, can love like you,
Someone with your tender charms

The Chorus

I know, I have to let go,
Fly away, Butterfly

Instrumental Orchestra Section

Even though, I love you so
Just can't hang on to the pain
Break the tie, say goodbye
'Til we meet again

You know, we have to let go.
Fly away, Butterfly
Fly away, Butterfly

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