Kinleys, Crazy Love Lyrics

Crazy Love Lyrics

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Kinleys - Crazy Love Lyrics

Raindrops fallin on my head
Got moonrocks underneath my bed
And blue socks in the trunk of my car
Hey yeah

I canít think
Whatís the word iím thinkin of straight
I think i got a love ache
Floatiní round here in my heart
Hey yeah

Your blue eyes make me dizzy and my feet canít find the ground

Hey yeah what is this feeliní
Am i am i dreaminí
Hey yeah iím all tangled up in this crazy love
Oh and sometimes
When iím with you i close my eyes
And it feels like iím falliní
Falliní into this crazy this crazy love
Oh this crazy love

French fries and candy covered kisses
Sleigh rides
Cinnamon and christmas
You fill all my senses yeah ya do (oh yeah you do)
Youíre like a ferris wheel at night
Under a starry sky


Oh and i take each breath in
And i feel like iím alive
Oh iím all wrapped up in
All your loviní
Oh this crazy love
Oh this crazy love yeah

Repeat chorus at ďsometimesÖ.Ē

I got raindrops falliní on my head
I got moonrocks underneath my bed
Crazy love

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