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American Stars Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - American Stars Lyrics

Warm summerís evening
northern lights glimmered
out there floating
silent surface shimmered
we dove head first
and we made our way
came up together
and we weren't the same
firework kisses blew my mind
there ainít nothing like the very first time
yea itís so simple
innocence blessed
there ainít no telling whatíll happen next
drinking high life and smoking on dirty hoods of cars
dreams still unbroken
I fell in love
under American Stars...
Thereís a picture on a bookshelf
of my brother in his dress blues
he says there comes a time in life
when a manís gotta do what heís gotta do
he threw me his car keys
letís take her out for a ride
just one last time past them billboard signs
in case I donít come back alive
they gave Ma a triangle blue with red and white bars
said sheís proud she got family way up high
in those American Stars...
Every morning we wake up,
got a new chance to make it
something new, something true
we canít take it for granted
itís just the way it should be
they canít take that from me
these hard lessons are learned and we earned to keep it
and believe it
as I stand in this doorway
staring down setting sky
If i just take all my chances
everything will be all right
making memories from nothing inside these smoky bars
I got faith, yea I still believe
in American Stars...

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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