Brent Kirby, Coming Back To Life Lyrics

Coming Back To Life Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - Coming Back To Life Lyrics

I can see it, just like it happened

A camera flash, temporary blind

left standing, yes I was a witness

of all the things I never thought Iíd find

Suddenly everything I wanted, was right down the road

I can see the light coming up the hill

I may have lost fortunes, my eyes are open wide

These feelings are coming back to life

Been waiting, daydreaming and hoping

When I get there Iíll know what to do

Itís getting closer, can feel it breathing

So many seasons weíve been through

Didnít see it coming, took me by surprise

Hold on, keep it close, then you realize

Past is the past, doesnít matter anyhow

Standing in this moment, itís clear to me now

days change, canít even remember

But Iím sure, that I have been somewhere

You kind of know, what it is you need,

Trust in the time it takes to get you there

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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