Brent Kirby, Don't Cry For Me Lyrics

Don't Cry For Me Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - Don't Cry For Me Lyrics

you canít say i didnít miss you

not a day goes by that I didnít cry

i remember one night when I kissed you

you were a stranger to the touch

you said goodbye

night shows up and I miss the sunset

day goes by and I miss the moon

it seems you always want what you canít get

it will all come to your local theatres soon

donít you cry for me

or sing some song of joy

iím trying to grow up

but Iím just a boy

sometimes iíve been told

i seem slightly shy

it aintí no act

just trying to get by

said that youíll be mine forever

til the sun donít set and this world stop to spin

scene plays out just like a movie

as soon as itís done it rolls again

everybody talks about my drinking

itís not they never toast a shot

but when I think of you and sunshine shining

these memories only thing that Iíve got

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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