Brent Kirby, Dream the Night Away Lyrics

Dream the Night Away Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - Dream the Night Away Lyrics

i donít wait for nothing cause nothingís worth waiting for

at night I dream of you dear but iím still sleeping on the floor

live this life of pleasure

live this life of pain

back where i started but i donít feel the same

my time is surely coming and i wanted you know

i live a life of legend but nobody ever saw that show

i stumbled on this stage in a well worn pair of jeans

a funny young man with his dreams

close your eyes and see yourself

standing there you look so cool

forget about what everybody says

dream the night away

iím worn and surely wiser

yea these eyes have seen some things

i could tell a thousand stories

about how jokers beat the kings

my time is surely coming

as the sun shines through the shade

it will cut you wide open, never saw the blade

you just sit a bleeding a

martyr for your cause

anticipating applause

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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