Brent Kirby, Just Like A Parade Lyrics

Just Like A Parade Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - Just Like A Parade Lyrics

she donít wear too much makeup

her hair perfectly cool

she smells like an angel

she looks like one too

but her halo is lying

broken on the ground

yea she gets what she wants

in her own special way

at night she goes out

puts her wares on display

just like a parade

her eyes they do shine

like the morning sun

i wake up real early

watch her daylight become

when she walks in the room

the music stops

everyone stares

all the bad things sheís done

they just seem to fade

she walks right past

in a sundress she made

just like a parade

although sheís an angel

minus the wings

she canít fly up high

she canít even sing

lives her life drowning

in fortune and fame

she donít care

if she donít know my name

i used up all my chances

so many years ago

i used to run real fast

but now i walk slow

this guy next to me says

hey son, you got nothing to lose

cause son you ainít a man

if you canít make her stay

you can tell her donít leave

but she just walks away

just like a parade

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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