Brent Kirby, Lonesome Holiday Lyrics

Lonesome Holiday Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - Lonesome Holiday Lyrics

saw my soul standing feet firmly on rooftops

staring down at the beauty of the world

somewhere youíre out there somewhere waiting

trying to find a diamond somewhere hiding in the pearls

would you pass me by if i caught your eye

just couldnít think of anything to say

itís gonna be a lonesome holiday

saw my soul standing in golden fields

like iím the last man on earth left to find

breeze keeps me moving soft stepping gently

trying to find the lost peace of my mind

sheís my patience worth witness to my birth

holding on to all the favors i canít repay

itís gonna be a lonesome holiday

iíve been a stranger to my soul

beggar for believing

it goes to show you never know

what you might be needing

i could have kept complete control

couldnít stop my heart from beating

breathe in breathe in

i saw my soul standing, knee deep in the water

sent my wishes in beer bottles out to sea

wanna take a ride to the other side

The Last Song on the Soundtrack

starts to play iím gonna miss this lonesome holiday

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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