Brent Kirby, Not Without A Reason Lyrics

Not Without A Reason Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - Not Without A Reason Lyrics

It was just around Cinco De Mayo
Thunderheads rolling through the air
I waited for your answer, but it was never there
Shoes are muddy,
Iím so tired
Downpour running in my lights
Where are you and what are you thinking
And are you allright?
Cause itís not without a reason
Itís not without a thought
Itís not without a sense that something here is lost
Yea itís not so unconscious
Without any regard, oh living without you, itís hardÖ
Itís woven in the fabric
And itís stiched in the stars
Iíd give a billion dollars, to know where you are
Powerís out all in the city,
Candlelight shines up the glass
Did you ever memorize a memory. As it passed?
Four wheels of steel
Take me home to my bed
Yea its burning in my eyes
Burning up in my head, my head, my head, myyyyy head!
You can say that nothing happened
You can say you want it still
Cause my eyes they wonít deceive me
But my heart willÖ

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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