Brent Kirby, Torn Hearts Broken Bones Lyrics

Torn Hearts Broken Bones Lyrics

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Brent Kirby - Torn Hearts Broken Bones Lyrics

been thinking bout you baby,
salvage to the soul,
Iím a wreck but you could guess,
yea time just took itís toll,
I remember us laughing,
to sleep every night,
all the while it was breaking,
just right outta sight...
but it just seemed so perfect,
better than being stoned,
yea we fought to find it falling,
torn hearts...broken bones...
funny how some things keep going,
when they come to the end,
memories for a moment,
that dreams begin to bend,
yea i sure hope your happy,
havenít seen you in a while,
you probably changed your hair,
and bought a different style...
you could think iím crazy,
iím inclined to let you,
believe itís true,
is it me youíre missing,
or am just wishing,
black brown eyes turn to blue
I heard your back in town,
and found nothingís ever changed,
i looked up your number,
but you got a different name

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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